Gender options! (Or the giant lack thereof.)

I’ve literally just said what I’m getting at?

No I was just saying theirs like 1000 things to sort out before the gender of my spartan it’s quite trivial the gender of my spartan , no need to make more of a deal than it is lol

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amen sister

(20-character min)


to make everyone happy id divorce “gender” from body types and them add 20 different unique body types some returning like what you had in reach and some you didnt have like jorge 052s inclusivity though actually including different representation while keeping it up to the player

if you wanted to you could use the curvy reach body type with a male voice or jorges body type with a female voice

its up to you

also armor wouldn’t be an issue most armor automatically adjusts to the players hit box all 343 really needs to do is fix clipping thats it as for the players hit box if you chose to have a big spartan thats your choice

also we need playable elites


Playable Elites are something I don’t think will happen, given that the multiplayer spartan is a canonised character, Infinite’s academy went through the effort to establish this.

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Once again the community demonstrates it can’t discuss this issue civilly and within the scope of the rules.