Gender options! (Or the giant lack thereof.)

I agree with that. When i look at the three available i see 1.masculine structure that is a bit bulkier 2.feminine structure that has a slimmer waist and 3.”non-bianary” structure that is very plain all around. I think this works the best because obviously this is a fictional universe and your spartan is able to be/identify as whatever you are/identify as. Gender dose not have a body type. Fortunately in video games we are not forced into a body that we do not feel is our own, and can pick. Some what a more masculine frame some want a feminine one and others may just want no association with either. One thing i would prefer to avoid is the cringy uWu reddit threads where people are taking screen shots of a spartans “assets” and drooling over them. As for the models i do think they could use some work because each set of armor was fitted to said spartan and should look proportional in that way.


I don’t see 2 as feminine more so just a slimmer male body as females have wider hips but if that was the original intention maybe they can fix it in the future like in a update that adds another core and have a opportunity to add a body option that adds wider hips and fixes the baggy armor issue


2 is just ever so slightly slimmer than 0 but clearly more stocky then 1. While 1 just has no stockiness but definitely no femininity.

Going back to the books. The SPARTAN-IIs technically never went through puberty, the IIIs kinda did (if they ever got to be that old, not sure why Noble Team is all adults though) and the IVs certainly did as they’re all adult recruits. I don’t follow the lore too much anymore but if the UNSC is still on the SPARTAN-IV program then we should definitely have much more variety in body types ranging from biggest stronkest boi/girl to bottom of the class lol


I feel mega dumb, lol. I totally spaced that our spartans in infinite are spartan 4’s. Even still its odd that spartan Agryna, the spartan that is with you in the academy seems to have lost all her feminine qualities during the modification. At the end of the day this is a video game and if players want a more feminine looking spartan and its possible to do then why not. I mean EA put female soldiers with prosthetics into WW1. Thats not even remotely realistic.


All good. I just have one of those damn near eidetic memories.

Good point. Also we can compare to Palmer and Linda’s models in H4 and H5 to female models in Infinite if we really want to split hairs. But I think it’s obvious. They have no overtly female body type in Infinite’s engine


Representation given context doesnt mean i want to literally see myself represented. I dont look like an augmented supersoldier (though i do have a better butt than these models).

Representation means having at least a base masculine and feminine model. If they want to add slightly different shapes and sizes inbetween, thats great. But currently we have 3 sizes of male.

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Who actually cares? I’m sorry I understand its 2022 and everything’s cancel culture but honestly theirs like millions things to sort out before this, it’s very trivial in my opinion.


343 retroactively changed gender in MCC for Reach and 4 too so that it would be more in line with infinite, even when the original thread discussions were largely against the idea.

they don’t care as long as it gets good reviews from news outlets and social media, just like they refused to return the visual aesthetic to the actual Halo aesthetic until social media began to turn on them with Halo 5.

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What are you getting at?

I’m just trying to dissect the situation and break down into a logical discussion.

I have no stake in it, I’m just interested to see how it’s handled.

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Don’t listen to em.

We can’t change the way they think, or else it would have happened already. Focus on the people who agree, not the ones who are too stuck in one way of thought to even think that you might be right. I know that might sound harsh, but this is the internet and everybody has an opinion when they arrive on the doorstep, wherever that arrival might be.

I’m just playing dumb to see if I can make 'em angry. I know they’re trolling

Huh… Now that is truly evil.

In other words, feel free to carry on. I’ll go get popcorn!


lmao. We’ll see.

Anyways. On the last point I made about Linda. If they went through the trouble to recon a SPARTAN-II to look more female why is there no continuation of that. Not to mention Palmer is obviously quite feminine as well. Is this maybe just a consistency issue with 343i??

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Whats with all these gamers being triggered over people asking for a proper female body type.? Le funny. Maybe they are trully scared of seeing woman in their videogames.

Anyways i support this trend. No one is asking for huge bewbs or supermodel body types. I just want more options outside of male, skinny male and genderless blob.

And please dont come up with the “canon” excuse, we have had female bodies in halo for over decade and just now everyone is suddenly against it? Lol


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I remember getting the legendary edition of Halo 3. At that time I never would’ve imagined people having a conversation about gender or body types in halo. I can’t even remember anyone using that vocabulary in the first place. This entire thread is just hilarious. Fitting as we currently live in clown world.


100% dude, it’s like WTF… I remember in Halo 3 though that Elite hitbox was wonky… those headshots from behind were cheating and they never fixed that hmph. So… as long as you played as a spartan we can be friends.


When in comepetive I used the spartan model.

I don’t think the hit box was the problem. It was just the angle of the elites neck that made it akward to tell where the head was.

I did use elites and they should be in the game. Not in comepetive tho.

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Yeah that head was always slouching lmao Hell yeah Invasion was pretty cool I wish it was better and more flushed out in it’s rightful simplistic form.

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