Gender options! (Or the giant lack thereof.)

Literally 0 LGBT people asked for this. Youre just being homophobic for no reason.


Hey what’s your gamertag?


SuperKittyLeia, same as here. It’s named after my kitty.


Damn its almost like we are humans with a bunch of drugs injected to gain mass and speed.

Only real gender option in halo is Spartan or Elite

I think it has to due a small bit with Game Journalist, and cutting corners.

But in terms of Game journalism there have been articles written about how the gaming industry over sexies the bodies of woman, and what not… So 343 probably just wanted to play it safe.

The fact that they didn’t add an option that was Male/female defined kinda makes me lean towards they were trying to play it safe and didn’t want to be torn up by game journalist over that.

But honestly the Halo Community could care less what those journalist say, we just ay the game and want as much customizational options as possible.


Why would anyone care what these journalist think. These are the same people who couldn’t get passed the tutorial of Cuphead, who cry about Dark Souls not having an easy mode, who brag about beating Sekiro at half speed. Plenty of sites almost never give games less than a 9/10, even though not every game is a masterpiece. I’ll respect the opinion of game journalist when they’re actual gamers, and not someone who played a game once but graduated junior college with a journalism degree.

Sorry if that comes across as rude, I’m just tired of non-gamers having such a big influence on videogames.


On the one hand, why not, but on the other hand, why would robotic armor show off such differences? My real hesitance to say they should make new armor is that there isn’t a chance that it available for free. If it gets added, you’ll have to buy each piece of armor separately.


We do have gender options. Only now they are labeled as Ambiguous Buff, Ambiguous Medium, and Ambiguous Thin.

This way you can choose your voice actor and have a Buff Chick or a Femboy Spartan.


Yet another thing Halo 5 nailed and it was no issue back then. For 6 years we had “thick” Spartans and no one complained.


I know it’s rather annoyed Ng and no worries I get the frustration.

It game industries rather now play it safe than risk some pointless Gaming Article that non of us read dictate their path.

It’s like that with basically every industry now.


When it came to Halo 5, the only thing that was nailed was the Multiplayer, which was done mostly with the assistance of Certain Affinity. Which is why the only terrible part of it was the Armory cosmetics.


i miss my thick spartan and wearing the skinny jeans armor ( copperhead )


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Man some of you need to learn to discuss different body types without having a meltdown about “but muh 2 genders!” Nobody cares that you’re stuck in the medieval ages. It’s not relevant to the discussion.

Either way I think 343 could always use more customization here, it’s pretty limited. But I’m sure they’re gonna sell it knowing them

It’s always a travesty when emotions and exaggerations are more important than facts and reasoning.


I feel as though he was being sarcastic and called the identity politics the religion.


Who cares? The body didn’t change in 3, and if anything with all the drugs Spartans get pumped with you can argue they’ll lose feminine features.

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I would love more body options like give me the ability to be jorge size or have proper feminine portions around the hip area


Honestly, this is probably more truthful than joke. They probably kept the androgynous body type as to not make only two gender selections, and instead added different voices.