Gender options! (Or the giant lack thereof.)

Alright, this is another issue which grinds my gears. 343’s attempts to make Spartan’s Gender Ambiguous. They could not have screwed up more. Like, at all. In every Halo where you could switch your gender, your armor size changed, your body shape changed, the only thing that didn’t change was your head. Well look at how hard they tried to be inclusive in infinite. Oh look, lets make you all look male no matter what setting you pick. You can be skinny, normally sized, or somebody who’s got some weight to you. But you’re going to look like a guy no matter what you try to do. My biggest proof of this is that the armor itself doesn’t change, so it leaves awkward gaps if you use option one or two, since they think option zero is clearly the only one that matters. Well here’s a news flash which they won’t give a damn about. Women exist, I’m one of them. So why did they feel that the way to be more inclusive was by taking backward steps and basically turning all your options into a male bodytype? And before you try to say they’re being more inclusive, I hate to break the news to you, but I know how my body looks. And none of their current options accurately represent me as a female. I have smaller arms than a lot of my friends, smaller legs, a smaller chest, etc. But with Infinite, I don’t have that ability to feel like me. The best I get is a slimmer waistline and smaller thighs/pelvis. This is all personal opinion, feel free to share yours too. But I’m just tired of the way they’ve thought about their process, because it’s reminding me why I loved Halo 5’s multiplayer more than I think I’ll ever be able to love Infinite’s multiplayer.


More body types to be added to the current ones will always be nice to have, as of right now its a baggy trousers effect at best. (preferably once forge and coop are out)


There should be two genders like the previous Halo games. Absolute ridiculous females play this game too!


IKR? I miss the time there were no girls on the internet, and nobody knew you we’re a dog. :wink:

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More T&A here here! Lol. But seriously yeah I agree, it’s dumb and I can understand why players who are affected are disappointed.

They need to bring back female bodies and also playable Elites.


This is a just an excuse because you want thicc spartans… Lets not pretend that this is a real issue.


Why are the females that play absolute ridiculous?

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I don’t think Microsoft is acknowledging the existence of genders anymore. Prepare to be silenced, Xbox is not a free speech platform, heretics will not partake of 343’s “great” journey.


I think the person meant to say it’s ridiculous how limiting the choice is for females and that woman do exist in gaming and that 343i don’t seem to be interested in giving female players more choice while claiming to be for woman. Right now at a glance without looking at specific names for body types it is very difficult to tell the difference because all of the body types just look male. Plus ignoring this issues make it seem like there pretending everyone is the same gender and that can be offensive for some people.


My opinion is that this is a video game and no one cares what people look like in game.


People do care for they end others look in Halo. Haven’t you seen the threads about body types, colors, armor, armor cores specifically, the cosmetic store, etc.


they were really touting female spartans/recruits in the trailers, goes to show they tell you one thing while DOING the opposite.


I’m sure 343 will read this and see it as an amazing opportunity to monetize the Spartan Body types… For the low low price of 10.99 you can make your Spartan look like a chick Spartan.

Granted I do see they went with the Whole Spartan CAL.
She literally just looked like a tank but was a female.


I’m a female Halo player. There are plenty of us. What’s wrong with us wanting representation? I don’t even care if they’re “thicc”. Just different enough to be noticeable. Heck, I’d probably be okay with Option 1 if they at least resized the armor to match the changed body size, but they don’t, so baggy trousers it is. Yay :frowning:


My daughter and I both agree with you on this. We think Halo 5 did an excellent job. We have both adjusted our spartans on the MCC as well. Some of the new armour in the lastest season, certainly appeals to our liking.


By trying to be so inclusive to gender neutral, 343 become forgot about actual female players or those than want a female Spartan. I showed my girlfriend all three options and she just said they all look like dudes.
My reasonable option would be Reach bodies with 4/5 armour resizing for each. My perfect option would be give us bodysliders like the ones in PSO2.


I believe it’s because they had to cut corners. I’m hoping they include options for women in the future (asap, actually!)


I don’t care what someone feels about gender honestly. But people having different body types is a fact. Like, maybe you believe gender is neurological, maybe you believe it’s a social construct, maybe you believe in a more simplistic definition. We can debate what gender means, but body types exist.


I think the important first step is to tweak the armor so that it better fits the current body types. The chestpiece on the Mark VII and Mark V[B] sets is really loose and kind floats on the thinner body types especially around the ribs. Then there’s Yoroi which literally has no difference AT ALL between the existing body types.

Once the armor and body types we have now are all properly fitted, then we could have a much more nuanced discussion about which body types we do or don’t have. The armor we have now covers up most of the changes that occur between body types (example, Type 1 has a much slimmer belly, smaller shoulders, and slightly slimmer legs than Type 0, but outside of the torso you barely notice because none of the armor plating changes in any way).


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Hoping they’ll do something for Female gamers soon