Gen 1 Helmets armor sets

Maybe this subject have been touched many times in past, but of all forums I have encountered no one gives a good explanation. If you have been playing from Halo 3 you must remember this helmets and how their armor looks. For example I will put Recon Gen 1 Helmet with a simple Recon Gen 2 armor, but what about the rst? What about EOD, Pilot, Militar Police, CQB, etc?

  • Recon Gen 1: Recon Gen 2 armor - EOD:??? - CQB:??? - Operator Gen 1: Operator Gen 2 armor (the same as recon) - Pilot:??? - Security Gen 1: Security Gen 2 armor - EVA Gen 1: EVA Gen 2 - Militar Police:??? - Mark V Delta:???So tell me you really opinions, I will be grateful!

I’m very biased here: since I went the H3 route when the Classic Helmets came out, the Mark VI armor (the Satrap version in particular) looks really awesome with Mark V Delta, CQB, EOD, EVA GEN1, and Recon GEN1.

EOD + GUNGNIR makes you look very tanky with the heavy armor plating. Also makes for a decent Stormtropper setup. As for the rest of the helmets, I don’t have a clue… :\

It’s like this:

  • Recon gen1 helmet: Recon gen2 armor - EOD helmet: I don’t know, I don’t wear it anyway - CQB helmet: Dynast armor, because it’s a “brawler” variant for close quarters battles. I think Dynast was intended to be CQB’s successor based on its description and looks. - Operator gen1 helmet: Operator gen2 armor - Pilot helmet: Icarus armor, because not only is the Icarus designed for pilots, it’s also super shiny like the Pilot helmet’s visor. - Security gen1 helmet: Security gen2 armor - EVA gen1 helmet: EVA gen2 armor - Military police helmet: Raider armor, because the description mentions Raider is the armor of choice for Spartans assigned to military police duties. - Mark V Delta helmet: Mark V Alpha armor