Geltabz Thumb grips

Hey guys, I have always had a problem where i would wear out the thumbsticks on my controller. My strafe was getting affected a little bit because i constanly have to re position my thumbs on the sticks and they would slide from time to time. instead of buying another controller i got these thumb grips. I have played about 3 games of halo 3 with them so far. I can tell you the repositioning problem has gone away but im not sure how i feel about them.

So do any of you guys use these thumb grips? if so whats your opinion on them?

I don’t have thumb grips but I have always held the controller very different from every person I know, which has in return given me excellent thumb grip on the Xbox 360 controller.

I use squidgrip thumbsticks but for me, they start to get sweaty after some play time. But it does offer some more grip.

Yeah that happened to me today. It’s a shame I wanted them to work.

I’ve always used fps freeks. They’ve never wore down and I use them a lot.