Gay Pride Colors

Today I logged onto Halo Infinite and went into the store and got some stuff. I noticed one bundle is named “Zodiac River”. I was like, that looks so familiar. So, I did a google search and apparently “Zodiac River” are the Colors of the Gay Pride Flag. LoL They’re all in order too, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. My question is why didn’t 343 call them Pride colors? Why did they rename them? What if some regular people bought them not knowing and then later they find out what the colors are and they get upset? Did they really think nobody would notice? And of coarse the main question, what was the purpose of doing it this way? Sneaky is not good.

Idk what you looked up but that’s not what I get when I look up zodiac river.

Troll / kekw?

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