Gave it a decent shot.....but this game is not my cup of tea

I am constantly fighting the controls…
and my playstyle is methodical, map control, weapon control, teamwork etc etc etc but this game plays like a chicken with it’s head cut off, it can be downright chaotic.
I don’t know if it’s the faster movement speed or really small maps, but there is no reprieve from a firefight. I finish one guy and 2 others are always on top of me for whatever reason, bigger maps are too big, and smaller maps are too small for the movement speed.

Controller is just broken. I have gotten better at aiming, but the aim acceleration just makes acquiring the target a chore. Reticle just spins out of control at random times, especially if someone is sprinting towards you.

Anyways, I am done complaining… Good luck to everyone here, hope you enjoy the game. I think this game is aimed at a specific audience, and the Halo 2/3 crowd is not it. whatever…it’s time for some of us to just move on :pray: :pray: :pray:


Yea I’m not really feeling it, but I also hated Halo 2 at first and it ended up being my favorite game of all time. So I’m going to give this a good try. But lack of maps and modes. The lack of ability to turn off crossplay is a serious turn off. I have no desire for it


From my perspective, controlls are just… they are as I expected from previous Halo games. I play on controller, not KBM. My issue is higher number of functions (slide, abilities, pinging). Without Elite-like controller this is suffering.

On controller I see no changes beetween default and max Aim acceleration. Look sensitivity has much lower scale, on max input it is still slow. I think the main issue here is to try of 343 to merge console and PC controlling with many compromises on both sides.

And yes, I was better at aiming at Halo 3 too. But in these days I have not age of my Halo 3 ultimate era :sunglasses: Plus, we are still in BETA.


Playing on an XSX with and elite v2 controller and routinely drop 10-15 sometimes 20 kills per game

Stick with it its still early
EDIT: also, I’m of the opinion that H3 is the best multiplayer in the franchise…Infinite is the best halo MP I’ve played since H3


I would say this is the best game since Reach.
I am getting average 10 to 15 kills a game. 15- 20 in big team battles
However close quarter combat is very inconsistent with the controller, the acceleration just spazzes out.
Maybe 343 fixes that… However the underlying gameplay loop is very sweaty… it is non stop go.
Grenades are too weak, and players just bum rush rooms too fast to clean up kills., they just walk right through them. (it is also hard to bounce grenades off walls because of the controller aim issues/and the floaty physics of the toss)
I don’t know if they will fix that, seeing how that cake is pretty much baked, unless they rebalance that part of the game as well.
Maybe other maps will be different??? I don’t know

I would trade lesser number of grenades in inventory for more substantial damage. Spamming can get pretty crazy as well.

Sorry to hear that, make sure to check back in regularly though as live games tend to evolve radically throughout their lifespan.

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