Gauss turret sensitivity

Has anybody else noticed that the handheld gauss turret has an inordinately high sensitivity? I’m not complaining, but the being in third person and moving slowly is mildly disorienting, while also being useful for snapshotting.

Can anyone confirm that this is actually thing? Or maybe just a snafu that I experience every time I call one in for some reason?

I don’t feel anything different it might be your settings

I could be wrong but it feels like the same sensitivity to me.

By high, I mean the turret uses the set controller sensitivity instead of using a slower speed that the turrets are usually associated with. When you pick one up, the sensitivity is usually something closer to 2 or 3, but when I use mine it feels like the 6 that I’m always playing at, except in third person with a slower movement speed

I feel it since my sen is around 7-9 most of the time turning any turret feels horribly slow