Gauge Idea

I was thinking of a mid-sized gauge added to the Halo 4 HUD. It would be placed under the team scores which is the bottom right-hand corner.
It is filled up by medals such as hijacks, kills, killing sprees, multi-kills, etc. You spawn with it it empty and it depletes over time (slowly). And it fills up a little faster then it depletes. Once you finally fill it up you receive some special ability AC or OS, I don’t really care what it is as long as its unique and worth it. You have about 25 seconds to use it before it resets itself. And once the gauge is used it becomes completely empty again.

haven’t seen such a creative idea in this forum for a while. That’s actually pretty damn awesome.

IMO, no. Something like camo or OS should be pickups only, not something you get from earning medals. That’s taking a more CoD approach then.

Instead of an “ability” why not a weapon/vehicle drop. One unique to the map you play on. Not to give to much of an advantage but just as a “reward” type thing that the other team can easily acquire. Remember Halo is about balance and equal ground for the players.