Gathering double resources economy ...

Hey, I was just wondering how much experience halo wars players have gathering a double resource economy. HW1 is a one source economy where you use your money (minerals) to tech up. Will it be a big adjustment for OG players to adjust too? To be able to manage a double economy changes the whole mindset of your build. Does anyone agree? Disagree?

Being a starcraft player it was an easy adjustment and actually something I prefer. I’m just curious of how the rest of the community feels about it and why.

I like it, I am used to it with the gas and minerals system in SC2 so the more macro options added the better, it means being a better player has a bigger skill gap with more options etc.

I think it’s a change for the better and a number of OG’s played SC2, so it shouldn’t be a big jump for them at all.

It’s alright. The only thing is it will be more difficult to compare units if there is varying power and resources.

I think it is necessary for sure. Having only one resource really limits how units can be planned for and played to the field.