Gathering Custom Game Players...

I’m just trying to set up or join a large group of friendly people to play customs with. Anyone who’s up for creative custom games that include unorthodox games with great maps, I’ll be glad to join. Many people I used to play customs with moved on to other games or just don’t sign on anymore… I miss playing custom games!! I like Infection, CTF and Slayer games, but any type is cool. I admit I don’t have many custom gametypes, but that’s why I’m looking for people that do! I do forge and have some maps that I would like to try out with many people.

I’ve re-created some maps from Counter-Strike including fy_iceworld and aim_aztec. I also remade the “Three Level” Infection stage popular in Halo 3.

Just to note, we don’t always have to play Customs, matchmaking is fine too. But if we do that, I hope you’re good. And not a quitter lol.

Just send a request to Wasabimoto (pronounced “Wuh-sah-bee-moe-toe”). Or give me your gamertag and I’ll add you.

I will add you of sho. I’ve been looking for custom game players too I gotta lot of cool games. I don’t think there’s many because Halo 4 Is just around the corner, I’m just looking forward to playing custom on that but GT : Magooga 94 I’ll be on Friday.

I’d love to join!
ThaKushTyrant5 is my GT. I’ll be on tonight after work.
Let’s get this thing going because I love custom games.

Cool! Add each other too so it’ll be easier to connect.

Im game my GT is Sociopathickila

I dont have a mic but i can hear ya

This sounds awesome!! I’m on most of the time, just add me.
GT: I loveto snugle

Id join too.