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Hey all, Gamma here.

I currently have a large stock of maps that require some more public experience. Having friends on them is nice, but to have my creations put out in the public is a longtime dream of mine, ever since dipping into forge in Halo 3. Anyways, if the Halo Community could help me out here, it would be great. Halo 4, gamertag is Gamma139, and all the maps will be uploaded tonight. I’ve poured hours into their creation and have used every trick and tip I’ve learned about multiplier map building to create them. Have fun, if you choose to download them, and if not well…may the Guardians take you.

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PS. Stay Forging Community

Good work. I will try my best to check out your maps. Do you have a link to them?

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> Good work. I will try my best to check out your maps. Do you have a link to them?

Unfortunately the only method I have of sharing right now is via the FileShare system. I won’t be setting up any third party methods of sharing them until after the MCC comes out, if at all honestly. I have to start drafting and preparing both my new ideas and my own remakes for the collection.

UPDATE!!!: Run out of Gold, Going to have to renew and finish uploading. Stay tuned!!! Vistas Map Pack and Industrial Map Packs will be uploaded alongside the current Reclaimer Map Pack that is in the FileShare. Then its a simple wait until December when I can start playing the MCC and creating unofficial DLC for THAT one. Most content will be brought over however. Halo 4 support will continue on 360, but to a much lesser degree. Do not expect any NEW content, but the current content in all its forms will remain available to all those stuck on the Xbox 360 version of Halo 4.

-Stay Forging Community