Gamma 1 v 1 Tournament with Dream Crusha

1 v 1 Tournament


Prize: Box of Gamma sticks and Shaker Cup

When: Friday July 6th and Saturday July 7th

Time: To qualify all day Friday and the next round on Saturday will start at 12pm pacific and 3pm eastern

How: To enter this tournament you must come to my stream some time on Friday as I will be streaming and playing all day. Send a message to my Gamer Tag: dream crushaaaa. To qualify for this tournament you must beat me 1 v 1 on Sanctuary. If you beat me than you will be put into a bracket along with all the other winners to play on Saturday. On saturday all the people who qualified with battle it out through the bracket until we have a Champion and they win the prize. On saturday it will be a best of 3- Sanctuary, Zealot, Sanctuary.
I will commentate some of the matches if possible.

SO on Friday you come to the stream and send me a message saying 1 v 1. I will play in the order that I receive the messages.
Bracket will be posted and updated on my twitter- @dreamcrushaa
Good Luck to everyone and try and win some GAMMA

i hope you get enough ppl, im not good enough tho.