Gaming community on Halo 4

Hi I am part of a fun Halo 4 gaming community who is always looking for new members. we get together every night to play custom games and hang out together in matchmaking and have fun.We also offer extra curricular Teams such as grifball, elite squad, and swat, so if you are looking to have other people to play Halo 4 with and want to meet new people and make new friends you can contact me on xbox my gamertag is Juggalos Chaos

I agree this community is great for people looking to have fun or play competitive. The people are respectful and the variety of game play is always a nice change of pace.

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Hello everyone i am a big fan Halo 4 , particularly sniping if any1 interested in multiplayer sniping games , custom games or may be if you have anything
interesting that we could play my Gamer Tag is : Rattle1604 . any Indian in Halo 4 world please send me a message or add me as your friend.

I’m interested.

Hey are you still looking for Halo4 players? I play mostly SWAT but I also play anything that sounds good. :v: