Gametype Specific Challenges are nothing but frustrating

So I thought they were supposed to cut down on this, but it looks like they’re still as prominent as ever. This week’s challenges have been miserable. Win Team Slayer might as well be gametype specific. So it’s playlist and gametype specific. Win CTF is also gametypes specific. And win Tactical Slayer for all intents and purposes is gametype specific, as the playlist has one mode. I would like to be playing fracture fiesta, but in order to get challenges for those I’ve had to play a bunch of other modes, which has been a miserable experience.

And it’s not just miserable for me. My team doesn’t want me in Tactical Slayer. Last game I went negative by over 10 points. I was even trying to play conservatively, and that still happened. That’s no fun for anyone.

Does anyone here seriously like gametype specific challenges? Playlist specific are bad enough. Honestly, these challenges make the game less fun. The core is great, but it’s hard to enjoy if you’re forced to do stuff you don’t like to unlock the event items which are only here for a week.


I don’t like BTB challenges at the moment.

This week I had:

  • Complete one BTB match
  • Destroy 3 warthogs
  • Win 2 matches of total control

I completed the first 2 and had one win in total control but after 10-25 min of trying to get into another match I decided to use a challenge swap and got ‘get 10 kills with the stalker rifle’ instead which I got in fiesta quickly enough.

Other than that, I don’t really like the ‘oddball’, ‘ctf’ gametype requirements because I could play several games without getting them and if it’s the last challenge before activating the ultimate challenge I find it really frustrating getting the wrong gametype. Even felt like quitting a few times (but didn’t).

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I honestly see nothing wrong with them. Yea there are some I do and don’t like, but in Apex it’s the same thing, but you cant swap them. I rather play as only Pathfinder, but then there are challenges that force me to play as another legend.

But I don’t hear people complaining about that or comparisons, so I guess the tunnel vision is strong for a lot of people.

Well, when your only way to progress is challenges. And you have a week long event with challenges in one specific gametype, and then all the other challenges you get force you to play other gametypes which you may or may not like, yeah, it become an issue. Also, what if you don’t get CTF? It’s the luck of the draw if you even get it, and then you won’t even necessarily complete the challenge if you do get it. I don’t care if that’s how it is in Apex. I’m not a fan of Apex. I’m a fan of Halo, and Halo has never been this frustrating to progress.

Also, Big Team doesn’t work for a lot of people. And a lot of people that can still find a match report it doesn’t always work for them either. So when you have anything big team related it’s a real pain.


Wish i could have your challenges!
I hate Fiesta, every challenge i have had this week is Fiesta-related (not counting the event challenges, for obvious reasons…) or BTB ones. I’m so miserable right now, but i won’t buy any challenge swaps.
Totally agree with you, 343 should just get rid of these kind of challenges.


I don’t think you can swap out fiesta for non-fiesta if you wanted, since it’s this week’s event. Honestly, I don’t even really want to play Fiesta, but that’s the only way to get Tenrai armor :upside_down_face: