Gametype: Infestation

I was playing the level 343 Guilty Spark on Halo CEA today and I thought of a great gametype 343i could add for Halo 4. Although since their development is a bit stretched at the moment, it would probably end up becoming a DLC type thing or an option for Halo 5. The gametype is called Infestation, it’s meant for custom games/multiplayer and plays like firefight mixed with infection but with the flood.
Basically there are 12 spartans/elites survivors from a flood infestation. The goal of the game is to reach the pelican/falcon/phantom for extract towards the end of a long map. At first, flood spores and the flood carriers attack you and try to infect you. As a person is infected, they become a combat flood with the following abilities:
-Able to use weapon in slow firing methods, but with a stronger impact/unable to pick up or swap weapons.
-Able to jump higher and run faster/farther.
-Die very quickly.
-Type of combat flood is based on if you’re a spartan or elite.
There will be weapon catches along the ways to the extraction point as well as vehicles.
At this point it becomes like infection, but with a pure objective besides surviving the horde. Plus with the addition of flood spores and carriers this would make for a truly fantastic game mode, and I think this is the kind of stuff every Halo fan would want in a Halo game.

it sounds cool. but it sounds a lot like Left 4 Dead with a Halo twist

Sort of what I thought of myself. Hey, it could work if 343i pulls it off if they do do something like this. Or perhaps if custom games gives us these type of options.