Gametype idea?...

Its called T-Bag Confirmed

It acts a little bit like killed confirmed off Call of Duty(or wherever it came from)

To get the point the player that killed the person has to go up to that person and T-Bag him

If there is a multi kill you have to t-bag them all, but if you get a single kill and then another the single kill you only have one player to T-bag

Do you think it would be a fun gametype?


Super multi-team.

16 players divided up into even teams, consisting colors like Blue, Cyan, Grey, Yellow, Orange and Purple

you can divide 16 by 2, 4, and even 3 if you take a player out. this paired with KOTH, Slayer and some other gametypes would be PERFECT

That would be cool i was just joking around this would be like an action sack idea