Gametype Idea Proposal

Idea for Objective Slayer:

Recently, when flagstravaganza was put into matchmaking, Bungie added the option to have slayer scoring in capture the flag gametypes. This lead to an idea I had which I will refer to as Objective Slayer. It would be put into the newer insane set of gametypes, and would allow the mixing and matching of various other gametypes. An example of this (which I suggest to be the base gametype that can be changed in custom gametypes) would be to have CTF, Neutral Assault, KotH, and Slayer all active in one gametype.

The main rules would be as follows:

*Capturing flags from the opposing team would net you 50 points.
*Planting a neutral bomb in the opposing team’s base would net you 25 points.
*Killing a player from the opposing team would net you 5 points.
*Standing in a sequential moving hill would net you 1 point for every second your team has control of it.
*The game would play to 500 points.

The reason I chose these gametypes over others is because I feel as though they represent just about every other gametype. I know that some would debate this, but It’s just what I feel would be the best way of representing all that is halo at the same time. Headhunter and Stockpile, games where you go out to attain the objective and bring it back to your capture point, are in my opinion a variation of the base CTF gameplay. The old (sadly forgotten) VIP gametype is also somewhat represented through CTF in that your VIPs are essetially your flags or your flag carriers. I feel as though Juggernaut is somewhat represented in the assault part of the gametype in that people will try to kill the bomb carrier in order to become the bomb carrier, and the same goes for oddball. Territories (though different) has the same basic idea as KotH. Also, the fans of racing gametypes would have the ability to race to the hills while they move from place to place. The concept overall is alot like invasion, except the gameplay is symmetrical rather than asymmetrical, and all of the objectives are available at the same time rather than being in phases. The only gametype not really represented in this base version of Objective Slayer would be Infection, but that’s mostly just a variant of the traditional Slayer gameplay.

This would essentially allow every halo player to play the game the way they want to play it, and would help bridge the gap between objective players and slayer players. It also allows for much more interesting team mechanics, where each player could be designated as certain types of scorers or defenders, allowing teammates to utilize their different skill sets.

Anyways, just putting the idea out there. I don’t know if 343i actually looks in these forums, but I figured it was worth a shot.