Gametype Idea for H5G: "Holdout"

OK, I posted this on the H4 forums a while back as “Exfiltration”, but for Halo 5 I edited some of the things in it and here they go!

Gametype: Holdout
Enemies: AI Covenant, AI Flood, or AI Prometheans(if they are still in Halo)
Max Player count: 10- 5 Infantry units, 5 Ship technicians
Ground Team: Escape- alive.
Technicians: Provide supplies for the ground team and rescue them
Starting Loadout: Assault Rifle, Magnum,and frag grenades (Assuming sprint is still default for Halo 5)
Weapons on map: Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, Magnum, and Shotgun- Covenant weapons can be picked up

Match Cutscenes:
Ground Team- Shows FPS view of player’s Spartan running and diving into cover. Anonymous voice says, “Command, we need evac! Where are you?!” and Covenant converge on the location. Match begins.
Technicians: Player watches from a window of a UNSC Ship at the ground battle, turns around, and says, “It’s go time!” and runs toward a terminal. He activates it, puts on a helmet, and the match starts.

During the match, the technicians will drop support packages. These include:
New Shield Generators- if a Spartan is shot in the back with no shields, his generator will be destroyed. This replaces it.

When the Ground Team reaches a certain spot, the ending cutscene will begin:
Ground Team: The Spartan team runs into the area, and then contacts command, notifying them they are at the rally point. The Covenant approach, and they all begin to fire once more (Not player-controlled). An air vehicle will fly down, possibly a Pelican, and the door will open. The technicians will all be firing pistols, covering the Spartans. The Spartans run in, sit down, and the Pelican flies off.
Technicians: The Technicians, save one, enter the troop bay of the Pelican. The other gets a first-person cockpit view. The door closes and the ship begins to fly. The technicians in the troop bay load Magnums, and the ship lands. The door opens, and the pistol-wielding Technicians begin to fire (Once again, not player controlled). The Spartans run in, the door closes, and the ship flies off.

The announcer says “Game Over” and a message appears on the screen: Mission Accomplished: 5/5 Spartans Rescued" or however many Spartans made it out alive.
If a Spartan takes too much damage, he will fall to the ground and must be revived, such as in CoD. He will be armed with nothing. A player can get downed 3 times per match. If you get downed a fourth time, you are dead and must spectate. If only one Spartan survives and makes it out, the announcer will say “Sole Survivor!” If everyone dies, the announcer says “Mission Failure” and they return to the lobby. This MUST be played tactically and not run-n-gun. That’ll get you downed or killed.

Can anyone tell me your thoughts on this and/or provide some constructive criticism?

This sounds like it would be an awesome gametype!

> This sounds like it would be an awesome gametype!

Thanks! Another idea I had would be Elites fleeing from UNSC, Flood, Prometheans, etc., and they would escape in a Phantom

I hope 343 adds a firefight game type in custom games. You could make your game type a somewhat possibility but let’s see if forge allows us to gives us ships and other vehicles to makes more interesting game types!