Gametype name for it yet, heh

So…I started writing the title, then I realized I have not come up with a name for this gametype yet. If you have any suggestions after reading this, don’t hesitate to say them. I’m also looking for any criticisms on the idea to make it better. Criticisms being ways to improve it, not simply “this idea sucks”.

This idea could work in Free-For-All, 2-Team, and Multi-Team. Made with the Ricochet gametype as a base, each map would have three different neutral goals, usually at three different corners of the map. There will also be three balls on the map at a time. However, there will be a great number of spawns for the ball, making it almost impossible to predict where it will spawn. I’ve yet to actually test this with more than one other person, so I don’t know how chaotic it will be. On paper it sounds like a pretty intense gametype, but I want to know what you guys think.

Put simply,

  • Three neutral goals as opposed to two team-goals
  • Three balls at any given time as opposed to one
  • Randomly spawning balls as opposed to predictable spawns
  • Team-based or free-for-all

Some additional things to consider,

  • Ideal map size. Small, medium, large?
  • Ideal party size. 4-16 players?
  • Hot-Potato timer. It exists for Ricochet. Can it be used for this gametype? How?
  • Scoring and how-to-score. How many points? Can you throw the ball in or just run it? Vice versa?

Thanks for reading! :smiley: I hope I could get some help developing this gametype into something interesting and fun!

Honestly I don’t think that would be particularly interesting, it is basically just Multi-team Ricochet with random ball spawns (which wouldn’t even be very interesting with the fact there’s a 10 second timer for you to run to it before it spawns) and two more goals.

It’s not bad at all I just see it as being an ok game-type for matchmaking (although not needed at all) and at least myself would find it as a very average game-type to be playing in custom games with all these other fun mini-games, Flood and some objectives you could be playing instead.

Overall I say if it was in matchmaking it would be a nice change from regular slayer, but I wouldn’t be overly excited to play it in custom games.

(Sorry if you found that a bit harsh, but I’m being as honest as possible.)

maybe replace the loadouts with energy swords/grav hammers? and whoever has the ball slows down slightly to balance it out due to the lack of guns, i might experiment with loadouts using vanilla ricochet map variants

and before people go say that it would just be Grifball

it would only be PARTIALLY Grifball as you would still have the goal rules of Ricochet, it would make it a bit more like american football, except you would tackle enemies with the energy sword/grav hammer

I think that that would be really cool if it was done well.

…but it would have very well, or it would just be boring.