Gamestop uses DECEPTION to sell Map Pack

I was told by 2 different Gamestop employees (one was a manager) at Southcenter Mall, Tukwila WA U.S.A. that if I bought the map pack pre-order that I would get early access to the Crimson map pack. As in I would get it today and not have to wait until December. I was also told after I got home and tried to use it that because this is a marketplace purchase that it is non-refundable.


Total -Yoink- if you ask me. I would have ended up buying it eventually anyways but because Gamestop is so focused on add-ons in their sales they repeatedly screw over their customers to stay on the good side of upper management.

Thanks a lot Gamestop, you really showed your true colors. I’ll just buy direct from the Microsoft store from here on out.

If you’ve had a similar situation with Gamestop please share it here!

well if you looked into it properly you would have seen that most places clearly say ‘future DLC’

Really, so asking the person selling the game about the specs isn’t looking into it properly? Troll on outta here -Yoink-

most game store employees dont take notice of games unless they are personally interested in them & only relying on one source of information isnt the best idea either.

that isnt called trolling, its called a statement.

It’s your responsibility as a consumer to inform your self about products that you purchase. Do you often pay money for things without knowing exactly what you’re getting into, or do you have the word ‘SUCKER’ tattooed across your forehead?

Are you -Yoinking!- kidding me? This is actually called bait and switch. Yes it’s the consumers job to be informed but when an employee out right lies to you it’s against the law and they can be fined by the Better Business Bureau. Obviously you children have never had a job, particularly in sales.

facepalm do none of you little kids know was a season pass IS!?!


Did you read any of this? I’m aware of what a season pass is. They said it would give early access to the first map set.

> Did you read any of this? I’m aware of what a season pass is. They said it would give early access to the first map set.

Hey if you complain enough on a forum that has absolutely nothing to do with Gamestop you might get early access.

Good luck finding someone to play it with.

When does gamestop not screw people over? If it weren’t for flipping games from gamestop to best buy, I would never buy a single game at gamestop ever again.

It seems more like you assumed you would get it today…which is idiotic.

OP CLEARLY doesn’t understand the term “Bait and Switch.”

To the OP, first the BBB can not fine a business, it has no authority over businesses. Businesses join the BBB voluntarily, customers can file complaints, businesses respond and the BBB gives an informal rating based on customer interactions.

Second this not a bait and switch by definition, this is misinformation only. A bait and switch occurs when a business offers a product or service at a price to lure customers in. When customers arrive they then either say that item is not available or did not tell you they changed to a different product or service. In this case they sold you a map pack at the price offered and you will get what it is, the people in question were misinformed about the product. The gamestop I went to never promised early access do it was not a gamestop issue.

Finally if you were going to buy it anyway, who cares, in the end it is all the same.

That does suck that you were misleaded, but I agree with the guys above stating that maybe the employees didnt pay much attention to the “future” part.

But on another note, GameStop is ranked as 1 of the worst companies to work for, so it’s no surprise that employees don’t always know every detail of every pre-order. Because they probably don’t even care much.

I am not a fan of GameStop mostly because of the fact I stated above. I have no respect for a company that treats their employees like -Yoink-. And that’s not just rumors or speculation, it’s proven facts that I’ve seen in the news. lol

anyways, sorry you spent the extra money. I saw the whole “map pass” bs as just another CoD:Elite or Battlefields “Premium” – gaming companies are money hungry, and they know we’ll buy the extra crap they spit out, because it keeps the game interesting. It is what it is, but overall, I hope you still enjoy the game :smiley: