Gamestop Preorder Armor glitched

Gamertag Metagrith here,

The RG-63 Counter FRST armor, part of the forest armor set that Gamestop gave out, is glitched on my account. My brother has the same armor bonus and has no issues, and when a guest plays under my account ie: Metagrith(1) they can see the FRST camo skin on the armor, but when I try to put it on, my RG-63 Counter and RG-63 Counter armor both use the default skin. All other parts of the armor skin work perfectly, just the legs are messed up.

Anyone know how to fix this? I’ve already wiped out my marketplace items and reset my cache on my xbox 360 to try to solve the problem,(This is what an Xbox Customer Support said to do) but I got nowhere with this.


Anyone else have this issue? Or away to fix it?

I never even got my code from GameStop. I don’t know how to get it from them either, since they keep saying the will “email it to me.”

I’d go down there and request one if they haven’t emailed you one yet.