Gamescom H5 media discussion (+pics/videos/gifs)

For all those wondering… here’s my previous Gamescom discussion/speculation/rumor thread.

Now that the conference is over I thought it would help if we collected every piece of media in one thread - to not have discussions in dozens of threads that die quickly AND to have a sweet collection for everyone interested.

So here we go!

Multiplayer Trailer
Arena Gameplay - Coliseum, Plaza, The Rig and Eden
Gamescom conference – E-Sports segment
Full Empire (Arena) gameplay
Full Fathom (Arena) gameplay

Blue Team Campaign Gameplay

Pictures & GIFs
Lots of new MP pics on Halowaypoint
City map GIF 1
City map GIF 2
Cool jump GIF
This is Sparta GIF

If you find something new/interesting please share it with everyone and I’ll add it to this post!

I loved all the trick jumps / special routes and the possibilities in terms of Spartan Abilities and how those got already explored by the pro players.

Another oberservation of mine is that the Arena maps shown seemed much more compact / small space - I didn’t see a lot of sprinting at all.
Magnum seems like a pro choice too, Josh Holmes even said on Twitter that he saw a pro who decided against picking up a BR because he seemed to be happy with the pistol :slight_smile:

Very, very nice. Would have never found those pictures you linked without this. Thanks

I must say I’m a sucker for those Forerunner decal maps. I like the shininess of them, like Monolith an Haven. That mini pro match, while I’ve never been into the whole MLG/ eSports deal was pretty cool, both in the competition aspect and them showing off a few new features. Loved the new Overshield animation!

I’ve added the Blue Team Campaign footage to the list!

The main things I’ve noticed so far, from watch multiplayer B-roll footage, is that Jeff the announcer has been greatly improved since H4/Beta and they have cut down on the number of medals. (No generic kill or headshot medals were awarded).

In that e-sports segment video have you noticed that intro of the two spartan teams facing each other (starts at 3:31)?

Looks pretty badass and much better than what they had in the Beta.

343i has come such a long way… H5 already felt so good in the Beta and looks even more polished now.
There’s a night and day differnce between map design in H4 and H5 alone - and all of the abilities mix so good with the classic core.

To all of the critics who argued that Sprint ruins this game - look at all the new footage and you’ll see that the maps don’t feel huge and empty and that the pros use the mechanic sparesly and only if it’s a real advantage. There is a lot of movement around the map too.
And the other abilities get used too - especially thrust and shoulder dash.

Full Empire (Arena) gameplay
Full Fathom (Arena) gameplay

Is it just me or does Empire look better graphics wise?
It might just be my imagination but the backgrounds seem to look better, some textures seem better etc.