Games you can play race,multiteam etc custom

If this helps people who are missing some of the gametypes it is possible to play these.
I know most people know this, but as of now it’s just about how much you know to set up a custom game and getting friends to play them.
Race can be made with king of the hill with 1 hill and 3 one way shilds for the lap point.
There are remakes for most of all halo maps already made, but we still can’t turn off the run feature.
I really want head hunter back, we can’t do that on customs.
If anyone needs maps or gametypes I will be happy to share. All you have to do is play the map then go to recent played map and gametype and save it.
My gametag is DANNYBOY3600 if anyone wants them. Also, on Fridays it seems to be the big customs night for everyone - so come join the fun.

I have Mario Kart 64 remakes on my file share. Try the “Doubles” gametype and variant.