Games that seem SIMILAR to halo...

Plot-progression and well anything else, that is. Halo isnt the first game out there to feature super-soldiers and space marines fighting off a alien threat, so what other games seem to have a similar premise or make you think of Halo when you first see it?

My opinion: Xenosaga.

Now, before I get shot with a sniper rifle at point blank and then mercilessly tea-bagged for relating a RPG to a FPS (And even going into this subject), lets break it down like this:

  1. Monolith Soft (the creators of the game) had a series called xenogears which xenosaga heavily borrowed elements, character ideas and even enemies from. very much like Bungie did with Marathon and many of their previous games to Halo.

  2. In the first game of the series, the military presence on the ship is called the 117th Marine Battalion.

  3. Both game series went to only three games (Xeno was supposed to go to 6) the plot progression almost the same way (as in first game drops you right into the story, second reveals twists you would have never expected and the third one wraps it all up)

  4. both feature deadly super-weapons (human made and the like) ranging from the ultimate war machines to Weapons of Universal Destruction.

  5. Both have a evil parasites that absorbs and kills everything in its path (Gnosis)

  6. The ending of the third game in both series for the titular main characters (MC and KOS MOS) XSIII Ending Credits

And which in my infinite boredom and hyper-active imagination I ended writing a full fledged crossover with these two games. sue me.

What are your thoughts? I didnt know where to post this so I put it in General discussion.

Like Halo 4, CoD

Marathon obviously, many see it as Halos spiritual predessor. The movement,weapons, Sci-fi elements all similar to Marathon.

Other than that, I dont think many games play like Halo maybe Tribes but Tribes is a much faster more open game and isnt a Sandbox game its class-based. I have heard people say Halo is like a slowed-down Story centric Unreal as well, but there is so many differences I dont know if that is an accurate comparison. There is many elements of different FPS in Halo that makes it pretty unique, Marathon is probably the closest. There is even a Marathon symbol in the opening menu of Halo CE if I am not mistaken and many references to Marathon can be found in Halos campaigns.

Mass Effect: Think about it. A super soldier that is raised higher and more esteemed than any other soldier in the alliance fleet (or UNSC). Was lost for years after a horrible accident when is ship was destroyed and spent that time in a half-dead half-alive cryo state. He is fighting a heartless and calculating enemy in order to preserve the life of his race (or organic life in general depending on your opinion).

Of course this is only if you’re looking at it from a story standpoint.