Games rely too heavily on audiologs

I don’t want to make this a long post (note: after writing this the irony is not lost on me) , but games need to stop relying on audiologs to tell a story. Sure in some games putting the pieces of a grandeur/ background story in audiologs is fine, but if every interesting detail of your story is literally hidden in a little after recording, it doesn’t make it mysterious or grand, it makes it an after thought because it’s easier to elude to something big rather then actually do it.
Halo infinite actually suffers greatly from this. Good audiologs: finding out what happened to the Spartan 4’s after holding the last one dying in your arms while following the Spartan killers.
Bad audiologs: Wanna know anything about what in sam-hell the Harbinger is about? How big the threat she poses is? ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS GOING ON? Go Listen to some lines in a file.
When the Flood were introduced, We didn’t need to be told they were a problem. We were shown that they were a VERY BIG PROBLEM.
What the Harbinger represents SHOULD be that kind of thing, instead we listen to 41 minutes of Escharum spouting pointless and forgettable monolog, a weird love story between old waifu and new waifu and a sad man who won’t stop complaining.
Audiologs can be the story if the game requires it for tonal reasons, like Dark Souls or Bioshock, but in most cases they end up being a Destiny, where not enough actually happens on screen and all the cool stuff happens in the writers little notebook.
Show me a good time, don’t tell me it’s out there. I got the real world out there and much better books to read.