Games randomly make my internet cut out.

Happens like every four games where I will be playing a game, it will lag and then my internet completely drops and I get dc’d out of everything. Every light on my modem/router TP-Link archer cr700 turns off except the power light. I do not have this issue with any other game and I even have a friend that has the same issue. I have relay turned off like I have seen in some other posts with connection issues. Also have firewall disabled on router but not sure if that makes any difference.

Finally, someone else experiencing the same issue as me. Have you found a fix??

nope not yet :frowning:

I have the same problem… Except its every game I play online… I haven’t tested it with other games, but I can stream video just fine.
I just hope its not on my end. :frowning:

I’m having the same problem as you guys. You are the first other people i’ve found with this issue. It cuts out all of my internet after every two matches without fail. I hope this will get fixed soon. :frowning:

This issue is still happening… Any word from 343 or Microsoft about the issue? :c