Games randomly cutting out

Im not sure if this on here but I couldnt find anything… when playing games in both warzone and Arena the game with randomly back out to the Warzone/Arena playlists menu, except there wont be anything displayed on the screen apart from my fireteam and the buttons down the bottom left of the screen (Also usually I can faintly hear breathing which is creepy as). There is no message to say Ive disconnected or anything it just cuts from the game to this menu. I can still open up the spartan hub but cant back out of the actual screen itself leaving me to restart the game.

Of course when this happens it adds towards a ban and its happen almost everyday in Arena (since Ive been playing it alot recently) leaving me with an increasing ban each time which makes me scared to play arena since last time I got a 3 hour ban when the last time I myself broke any rule to spark a ban was days ago at least…

I was just wondering if there was any way to fix this or anything because it is annoying and I dont want to get continous bans for nothing.

I dont know a solution to your problem sadly, but halo 5 is a not well coded game. It seams that with extending distance to N.A the problems with halo 5 start to grow.
I have experienced similar problems, but luckily without ban.
You only can try to hardreset your console by turing it of and cutting it from the power suply. leave it a few minuets like this. Then it has to reinitilse everything again, but corupted data or anything temporary saved witch caused problems for halo 5 can be gone…at least for a time…

You can thank 343 for “dedicated servers”.