games not showing in game history?

just played a round of squad slayer and then went back to playing the TU update… looked at my bungie page for to see what my stats were in squad slayer and realized it didnt even say i played the game… has this happened to anyone else?

I had it happen to me yesterday in Big Team, and I’ve noticed more people have been complaining about it. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes (or in my case, two hours) for it to finally show up!

apparently the TU Beta playlist has been lumped in with the Premium Slayer stats…are you seeing any recent games in that playlist instead? because that would be the games you are looking for.

im only looking for squad slayer… i went 50-11 so i wanted to see my overall k/d in that playlist haha but it still hasnt registered that i played a game in the squad slayer play list

also i haven’t bought any of the map packs so premium slayer to me is only the TU update

oh crap, sorry. i see where you said you played squad now, sorry!! i’m a little sleepy and skipped right over that. :S

mea culpa.

I’ve noticed this has happened to me at least once by luck so I dunno how much it happens that I haven’t noticed.

I got a extermination in team slayer(doesn’t happen to me often :P) so I went to check out the medal on my stats it wasn’t there so I went to look for the game in recent games, The game wasn’t there, sad faic. (I saved the film so I know I wasn’t imagining things)