Games Not Installed?

Many starting to read this may already know what I’m about to say. I’ve done extensive research and none of the attempts to fix this have worked.
MCC was installed with ALL games and working fine on my PC. I have Game Pass Ultimate as well.
Today when I logged in it is telling me none of the games are installed. When you try to play something it asks me if I would like to install the game (lol). I click that and nothing happens.

  1. In the settings and game settings, all games show up as installed but locked.
  2. I have reinstalled everything from scratch twice. Uninstalled every game, then MCC, installed MCC then every game.
  3. I have checked the Microsoft store for updates (to get the 10mb installs to fix the issue but they do not show up).
  4. I literally went and purchased every single game indivdually and watched as they installed some small update TO MCC, but the issue continues.

I am at my wits end. What else can I do to fix this? I just spend a lot of money, under the premise that my game pass was broke so buying the games to own should have fixed the issue.

The only other thing that has changed to my PC recently was a Windows 10 update and a driver update to my GTX 1650.
I have not been able to find any other means of support on this topic after literal hours of research other than “give the game permissions in the Microsoft Store” and I couldn’t decipher how given how old the advice was on the forum.

Am I missing something? I’m about to cave and give up on Microsoft Store and just buy everything on Steam and hope it works there, and that to me is just ridiculous to consider.

There’s an issue with the xbox app and downloadable content for windows 10, would suggest submitting a ticket.
Hopefully they fix it before season 8.

I know that I’ve had this issue last year. Is there a fix they apply? Or is this something that just breaks and fixes itself. This started when the rotation change occured for this weeks new gameplay.

I uninstalled MCC from my PC. Paid 40 for it on Steam. The rest of the games linked to my account linked over. Fresh install and working flawlessly.
I am officially done with the Microsoft store and only going through Steam from now on. I have had this issue with multiple games.

Hey OP, this is a wider spread issue with MCC on Windows Store right now, please see this existing topic. I edited a potential fix into the first post that might be worth trying, also always good to view the last few posts as well—missing-halo-___-dlc/c51c3be6-dfe2-4c96-a77a-ffef330e2061/posts