Games keep kicking me out

Ok I just got my gold back 2 days ago. I just started playing Halo reach online again. Heres the thing that keeps happening to me though. More often than not the game, for whatever reason, when I’m in a mulitplayer game, it will kick me out. And it counts it as if I’m quitting the game and keeps making me wait about 10 minutes because I ‘quit’.

When I was playing about 2 months ago, I never had this problem. Anybody have any solutions, because this is really starting to get frustrating. Does this have to Halo Reach server or is this my own connections fault? I didn’t think it was my connections fault because I use to be able to fine with no problems whatsoever.

i have this same issue it’s rare for me but it could be a jerk modder or cheater because it also just started happening to me