Games Garbage Fix the game

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More playlists are needed if they’re going to push mode/weapon specific challenges
it’s weird how a lot of these challenges even made it to the retail release to be honest, some are unreasonable.

Game is garbage because you cant beat a challenge ?
Thats a silly reason :joy:

Not all the challenges are fully working as intended and yes its indeed very annoying. But a buggy challenge does not make a game garbage

What are you gonna refund on a F2P game BETA?

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They’ll reset weekly and will be reviewed. I can’t do all 3 of my weeklies I’ve got left. But will wait until reset. I’m not paying to swap them. But will earn a measly 50xp while practising the game.

Hope they change it by 8 December. But not bothered as reasons for lack of progress are clearly documented and known

Genuinely keen to know how you’re going to get a refund, even if your complaints are valid.

No I have to get fusion coil kills and I the maps that have fusion coils I havent got after 20games. Like wtf

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