Games Ending In A "Tie" In Ranked


Well I think before yesterday I maybe had ONE ranked game ever end in a tie…

Yesterday I had a CTF game end in a tie. Today I had a slayer game end in a tie, i traded melee’s with some guy as we were tied 49-49.

I guess it isnt possible in Oddball or KotH? lol.

In any case, I didnt play a 12 minute game to gain no rank. Those games should have continued until there was a winner, CTF = next cap wins even after overtime and Slayer = whoever gets kill # 51.

My entire fireteam was pissed. I dont like this at all. Let it play out.

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Nope there was no “desperation/persistence” - just 2 fireteams going at it wanting the win. (We were actually playing our friends in the CTF map so we wanted that one)

I agree slayer should play until 51 (or more if there is another simultaneous kill) but CTF can really drag on. People start games expecting them to take a certain amount of time because they might have to do something else soon, so there has to be a limit.

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The limit is whoever gets the next cap.

My point is that what if nobody gets a cap for 30 mins? Or the enemy team is by far superior and decided to hold your flag hostage while they farm you? Both these situations are quite possible.

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Play until someone gets a cap. I can’t say i’ve ever seen anyone farm kills like that either.