Games broke.

They had so much time to get this game
right and they haven’t, I for one love online for this but they ruined it.
here’s my reason why

  1. Everyone’s favourite… Leaderboards?
  2. Only one blitz map I mean really?
  3. Individual ranks for playlist would of been good.
  4. Blitz cycle should go up by 3 every time you cycle a card.

Really disappointed with the online for this game. Such a shame could of been a great game

I think they are addressing most of your criticisms. The timing for these, however, is valid issue.

> 2533274798176704;1:
> 1. Everyone’s favourite… Leaderboards?

> Thanks for the kind words, the Waypoint team is small and scrappy and doesn’t often get much time in the spotlight. I know they have plans for additional improvements and updates, including leaderboards. They’re always monitoring player feedback so keep it coming! @ske7ch343

> 2533274798176704;1:
> 2. Only one blitz map I mean really?

> Blitz will include one map at launch. The team is definitely looking into post-launch additional maps and/or variants. This was an intentional decision by the team but coming out of the beta the feedback has definitely been heard. Blitz was designed as a new mode with a new approach not too unlike DotA or LOL. (Personally I’d love if LoL or DOTA also had more maps but I get it) The team wants players to be able to go deep on strategies with their leaders and units rather than having to devise all sorts of different tactics for different maps. Still, the feedback was pretty strong coming out of the beta so the team is taking it to heart and looking to respond post-launch. We’ll have more details as soon as we have them. @ske7ch343

> 2533274798176704;1:
> 3. Individual ranks for playlist would of been good.

> The team agrees - if all goes according to plan the goal would be roll out ranked playlists within a month-ish of launch. As soon as I have some concrete details I’ll certainly pass them along! @ske7ch343