Gameplay, XP progression and microtransactions

Hi everyone! First of all I have to say I´m having a great time playing halo infinite, its core gameplay is really fun and I think most of us are having a great time. However, this is a time to give feedback to 343i so we can improve our experiences and these are my suggestions.

Gameplay: I think player colission has to be in the game as soon as possible, it is really akward running across enemies and punching the air after getting confused about their location. Also you should really increase the radar´s range because most of the time 18m is very short, maybe 20 or 22 m would be good.

Progression: Everyone is talking about this and I wont be the exception. I think that in this first season that is going to last half a year (its a lot of time) maybe the progression is ok for the battlepass to progress this slow. I agree that we are waiting for coop and forge and those features were promised for season 2 and theres time needed for that, so for this seasons I am mostly ok with the amount of xp needed. However I really think the most important thing we need right now is xp after every match (maybe give us something between 25-100xp depending on our performance). We NEED some kind of xp reward for our performance each match, not just for completing challenges. We also need a leveling system, not just battle pass progression (if you dont want to link it to the battle pass XP maybe something like in halo 3 with the ranks) to keep leveling up when we finish the battle pass.

Microtransactions: The customization and art direction in this game is beautiful and way better than it was in halo 4 and 5, however, seeing the prices made me sad. I know this is now an industry standard because of games like fortnite and call of duty but this last year I played a lot of Black Ops Cold War and the bundles and prices in COD points and IRL money are trash and ridiculous and I dont wanna see my favorite franchise going the same route. $20 USD for a legendary bundle is atrocious and maybe in the USA its not that much but in other regions like LATAM it is a lot of money. In contrast the battle pass is $10 USD and it offers 166 rewards (I think this is a fair and affordable price). I get that the game is F2P but I am sure that reducing drastically these prices will encourage most of us to buy more pieces of armor, coatings, charms, etc.

I get that this last couple of years have been full of hard work but we really appreciate you guys listening to your community and I am sure we are going to be listened. Thank you for your time reading this.