gameplay/weapon idea

Me being me, I was just sitting around playing some warcraft (alliance ftw)when i started thinking about Halo. Odd, I know. I started thinking about how the Halo 4 sandbox - weapon wise that is - could be improved/ diversified/ or just have it’s own unique feature. i came up with a possible solution:

Weapon customization
“Oh teh noes! This isn’t CoD! -Yoink-!” you may scream as you reread that last phrase. that isnt what I meant. Rather than be along the lines of Call of Duty, what about along the lines of Counter Strike? bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Now i’m not going to go into every detail, but if you haven’t played Counter Strike before, 2 things: 1. Go and buy it. It’s awesome. 2. most weapons ahve their own unique feature. Example: a supressor can be attached to the M4, the AUG has zoom capabilities, and the FAMAS can switch fire modes between burst and auto.

Since Halo 4 is bound to include new weapons we dont know about, think about how similar features could apply to Halo weapons we know and love. SMG could have a toggleale suppressor, weapons with scopes will still have - you guessed it - scoped fire modes, AR could switch between fully automatic and semi-auto fire modes.

By now, you are either all like “this is stupid” or “this is interesting.” if you fall into the later category, here’s some more words.

Say this is implemented. it works well in campaign and adds a whole new twist, blah blah blah. How would it work in multiplayer? The ability to toggle secondary functions for each weapon. Say you don’t want surpressed SMG’s in your CTF custom gametype. Open the weapons menu while creating said gametype to find a list of every weapon in game. There could be 3 options for each weapon: All ( allows both standard and modified weapon variations), standard (only default firemode/ feature. more classic halo), or secondary (only allows secondary option. i.e: sniper with unusable scope or all suppressed smg’s). Same could work in forge mode. When spawning a weapon, you have the option to spawn it as toggleable, standard, or secondary. This way, users who enjoy the new feature could use it, while people who want a more classic halo experience can recreate a clssic halo experience.

if this idea has been brought up before, I apologize. To lazy to do a search and wanted to get the idea out there fast. Feedback, suggestions, comments, trolls, mean words, nice words, and opinions on the topic are welcome ( I was kidding about the trolls and mean words).

This is actually kind of cool, so I could have two differnent different types of SMGs on a forge map, awesome idea!
Something based off your idea could be like in forge, instead of going through all the warthogs, you could just change the type in the option menu for the warthog, such as, chaingun, gauss, rocket, troop transport, ect.

Over and out - NobleOneNinja