Gameplay solutions

This is based off of some of the feedback I’ve seen.

Smart scope:
have the scopes so close to the screen that you can only see part of them on the very edges of the screen, or just change scope back to normal style and keep on autos.

Accuracy change on autos needs to be removed, it undermines hipfiring, and reduces the skill gap. 343 said that they didn’t want that to happen, so I’m concerned as to why it’s in the game.

Thruster: allow shooting, and decrease range by a tiny bit, cool down extensions have been proposed, 5 to 6 seconds seems fine.

Ground pound: needs to be kill or or nothing, no splash damage or shield damage, and needs to be direct hit. Angle of use needs to be 15 or 20 degrees to use.

Slide: map to thruster instead of sprint, make so that you need to press crouch right after you press thruster, making it sort of like a combination that you can at least mess up doing once in a while if your not careful.

Hover: unneeded, unskillful, complicates the game, remove please.

Charge: same as slide, map to thruster and make it a lite combo, throws opponent a certain distance. Shorten lunge, no aim assist, and make it so that if you miss, it takes longer for your gun to come back up than if you successfully connect. Make it so this is the only way to perform an assassination animation, otherwise people are just getting forced into an animation just by clicking the button.

Hip fire Flinch: I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but it’s horrible, and it ruins gunplay. Remove it.

REMOVE SPRINT! People who have played the game have said exactly what has been known for years, it breaks the game by ruining combat flow, prolonging encounters and lengthening the game. It’s bad, it will always be bad, remove it.

i disagree with everything even sprint, i like it in halo 5 not 4 but 5. and i guess thrusters would be okay to map to but i dont wana do combos like in H2C