gameplay setting idea for halo 6

I’ve been hearing lots of discussion between halo fans who want halo to be like 2 and 3 again and those who support the new changes in halo 5. I got a good idea for halo 6. how bout 2 gameplay style settings: classic and reclaimer. reclaimer setting turns on sprint and Spartan abilities(if it comes back) while classic setting disables spartan abilities and sprint, moving in the same way the old games had. is that good? I want something that satisfies both sides.

Not Particularly. That would mean building two engines, require different weapon balancing, and map design. Even then there are still dozens of arguments, duel wielding for example. Would they then have to split the ‘classic’ game into Duel Wield classic and Standard classic? What about the reach kids? Do they have to make another version with armor abilities just for them. 343 need to focus on making a good game, not pleasing everyone. That would be impossible.

Spartan abilities only make sense They are in a super suit why the -Yoink- can’t they pull themselves up on a ledge