Gameplay is not equal amongst everybody

I have proof that 343 messes with people’s games. I was playing with a friend of mine in an Arena Slayer match. We both made a sprint to the overshield with me sliding, jumping, and thrusting to get ahead. She still gets ahead of me just using sprint. Now, I know 343 is lagging me on purpose. Other evidence is: getting killed with 2 or 3 shots, getting killed with one melee when I hit them with 2 and they don’t die. My 2nd melee not registering even though I hit them first with a melee and I’m mashing my melee button. Spartan charges not working for me. In one game, I tried to Spartan charge FOUR TIMES and none of them worked and I get killed with one melee when they turned around and hit me. Overshields are useless for me. I still get outgunned with an assault rifle and I die, yet when the enemy gets overshield, it seems to last forever, even though I’ve shot them numerous times and their overshields is still up. I’ve even died when I was shooting them with an SMG or a SAW. Shooting at an opponent running away and hitting them with a full magazine of Magnum rounds, and they still get away. They turn the corner, toss a grenade and kill me with one grenade even when I have full shields. In the meantime, I’ve seen the enemy sit on 2 grenades of mine and don’t die. Also, my grenades thrown first don’t blow up, but theirs blow up before mine and kills me. Charged plasma shot doesn’t track enemy even at close range, but theirs track and hit me from all the way across the map. Hydra takes forever to lock on, if at all, when I’m zooming in, but theirs locks on right away as soon as they zoom in. Sniper rifle doesn’t respond to trigger pull and they enemy gets away in plenty of time, but their shots register right away, even from across the map. My aim assist doesn’t work. Hell, even my reticle doesn’t turn red. Shots don’t register, and I’m always running behind my teammates and they’re pulling ahead of me, WHILE WE’RE ALL SPRINTING!! I walk forward and then I’m getting shot at, so I try to back away, but somehow I’m stuck on something. I can’t move and then I get killed. Yesterday, in a game on Mercy, I couldn’t move left or right while getting shot at, AND THERE WAS NOTHING AROUND ME - nothing to the left, nothing to the right, and nothing to my rear!!! Rockets shot at me and hits 20 feet away kills me, but my rockets right next to them, or under their feet, does nothing.

The best evidence was last Winter season in January when they started deranking people. All my fireteam members started deranking, but I stayed at Diamond until the next reset 2 weeks later, even though we were playing the same matches and losing together. Now, I can’t even get past Gold. I get to Gold 6, one win away, and then I start losing until I’m back down to Gold 2. I’m too old and tired for this -Yoink-. I’ve got better things to do than stay up too late playing a game that’s already deliberately stacked against me. You win, 343. I’m not renewing my subscription when it expires, nor am I ever going to buy another Xbox or another game from you ever again. I’ll keep my money, and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you just lost another long-time Halo fan forever. I’m sure Microsoft and your bosses love hearing that. Good job.

To those people at 343 who are doing this to your paid subscribers, karma’s gonna catch up to you.

Sounds like you need to git gud.

Nice tinfoil hat you got there, mate. As Caroniver suggested above, perhaps the issue lies in your skill? Or, perhaps more likely, your connection to the internet isn’t the best, and what you’ve been experiencing is a classic case of lag? Either way, 343i wouldn’t be using their mystical powers (if such powers do indeed exist) on some random player just to ruin their game (which they would get nothing out of, and wouldn’t do because they are a professional company that wouldn’t do that, and have better things to do, such as making Halo).

… Uh… What would 343 have to gain from messing with specific players in Halo 5…?

All of these problems sound like they could potentially be from connection issues on your end. And if everything on your end looks fine, I’m pretty sure that there would be more people making claims such as yours… Which obviously does not seem to be happening.

Sounds like latency issues to me. Had similar issues as far back as Halo 3…when Bungie was running the show.
So, by your logic…they’ve been secretly screwing with people since at LEAST Halo 3?
(Also might I suggest playing something other than Arena Slayer? You might have a better time if you don’t constrain yourself to competitive 4v4.)

All of that sounds like classic latency issues. Huge ones too if you lost the ability to melee.

Now, why would 343i specifically ruin you, a relative nobody, over literally anyone else?

Considering you have posts going as far back as 2016 about lag issues, you’re making this up as an excuse so you don’t have to admit you have a trash connection.

Mmm there is a conspiracy against players nha im just kidding maybe is just connection issues

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> Sounds like you need to git gud.


Hahahaha! Hahaha! That’s some claim you got there!

The central assumption of this conspiracy theory is that you’re interesting enough to have a conspiracy against you. I can assure you that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

With that said, we don’t endorse absurd conspiracy theories, and other people have already told you that you’re probably experiencing connection issues, so there’s nothing left in this thread to discuss.