Gameplay is Great! Everything else, not so..


I’m actually really enjoying this game! I was very skeptical coming into it but I’m having a great time and amazed at how awesome the graphics are and how smooth the gameplay is.


The SR progressive system is atrociously boring and pointless. Custom games have been stripped of their options. Team doubles, Team snipers, Team Swat, Griffball and MLG playlists are nowhere to be found (I understand the need to keep the playlist # down but couldn’t you combine flag and oddball at least?). BTB has no objective gametypes. Lack of visible ranking system (Yes, I know it might be coming after January but this game really needs it now!).

I could go on but I really don’t want to make this a whine post, I’m just curious as to how long it is going to be for the changes to happen. Because me, like many others do not want to wait around for a year for a title update that is going to bring along a whole new list of complaints. We need swift and immediate changes on the above topics 343!!! You guys have produced a great game, now we just need more options.