gameplay ideas that won't affect classic formula

I’m fine keeping classic gameplay and just make innovations in other areas but at least add some gameplay mechanics. They just can’t mess with the formula and can be executed well. I’m fine with thrusters as long as there’s not many cover, not used many times in a fight, and designed solely as a dodge ability and not as a mobility option. I’m fine with clamber as long as map design doesn’t make me use it for over 50% of my jumps.

So, I just want to hear some ideas and how you would order them, along with ones from 5, into 4, 5, and 6. It should be something that won’t cause a lot of problems to the formula and can be executed well.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me, they don’t see the conflict of elements that is at play in Halo Reach, 4 and especially 5, and how every ‘addition’ either lowers the skill ceiling or raises the skill floor…or perhaps they do but think it’s a good thing.
Either way, I disagree, and the following is how I’d attempt to fix it.

  • One base movement speed and one max jump height. - Combat is tied to said speed, meaning the flow of gameplay will be consistent and not broken up by periods of non-combat (i.e running away) - Speed would be closer to Halo 2 than 3 or Reach, promoting faster reaction times and more frequent encounters. - Shield and health system similar to Reach as regenerating health promotes ‘run and hide’ tactics. - Shield bleed through would be present but minimal, health bar would act as buffer, reducing the occurrence of ‘cheap deaths’. - Double death outcomes to melee battles would be mitigated through health damage.
    eg; Player 1 gets two BR headshots before encounter; reduced shields mean that player 2 takes one bar of health damage from first melee while player 1 keeps full health, second melee would result in player 2 dying while player 1 is reduced to one health bar.
    Player who deals most damage is more likely to win outcome, and players with higher health (potentially fresh from respawn) can more easily counter double melee situation, resulting in a more fair system overall. - Dual Wielding would return. - In addition, I would bring back equipment;
    Bubble Shield, Regen Field, Trip Mine, Auto-Sentinel, and Grav-Lift would be placed in maps where their use is viable. - I’d also add Smoke Canisters to the mix, allowing players to temporarily block the view of certain areas, which could greatly assist against snipers, etc. - Equipment would appear on the player-model, and have an outline with an assigned color. (Bubble Shield - Blue | Regen Field - Green | Trip Mine - Orange, etc.) - The standard power-ups would also return (Overshield, Active-Camo, and Speed Boost), and act the same as they do currently. - I think H2 and 3 had the right idea with interactive map elements, like the closing gate on High-Ground, the Bridges and vehicle barriers on Zanzibar, etc, so I’d like to see more maps with unique interactables that change the flow of battle, as this would also help the maps to feel unique from one another.As for newer additions that I would keep? Switching vehicle seats and Assassinations. As the former is a fantastic utility that makes certain vehicles more useful, and the latter is a nice way to humiliate players with poor spacial awareness while also feeling bada** yourself.