Gameplay: Headshot should do more damage through shield


Every headshot should perform more damage than a body shot, including through the energy shield. Not just once the shield is down. To perform bodyshots is easy and that’s the headshot that creates that gap between an average player and a better player. Every shot should be a chance to gain time or lose some.

The sniper rifle usually already works like that, but all other weapons should as well.

what do you think ur talking about?

halo 1 pistol is 2 shots to the body and one to the head


Huuu… what are you talking about…

Damn, I thought the TU playlist brought 3 headshots = kills faster.
So it really was all about 2 bodyshots, 1 headshot. Thx for the info.

Well that sucks :(, I’m just turned off entirely.

Halo then never was a potentially good competitive FPS game at all.

Could not agree more with the OP, head’s for faster kill’s need’s to be brought back.