Gameplay has gone from good to worse(Controller)

Hello everyone. I purchased Halo 5 guardians before 3 weeks. I have completed the campaign and playing multiplayer as of the moment. The game and graphics overall are very good but my gameplay has become worse due to controller settings. Basically, the aim is not smooth at all. I have tried different settings by changing the sensitivity, look acceleration etc, but the aim is still messed up. When I aim at someone and when the character moves, the cross-hair movement has a glitch. When i use the right joystick to shift my aim, the aim deviates too much and it’s not a stable and smooth movement. I played Halo Mcc after a game of Halo 5 and one can clearly feel the aim stability in Halo 4, Halo 2 etc. And I am playing on a PC monitor and not on a large TV. My gameplay has become worse because of this problem. Halo 5 is good but what’s the point of that when something as basic as controller settings has not been implemented properly? Please fix this problem. Thanks.

Try these controller settings as i believe they are perfect for aiming:

Aim Sensitivity: 3
Look Acceleration: 2
Both Deadzones: 0

Cheers, this setting is definitly the best, takes time to get used to cause of 0 deadzones but its perfect for every situation. Let me know

I tried the settings mentioned by you and also different variations. There is no difference and the gameplay is still messed up. Basically, the controller and aim settings have not been implemented in the game properly. When I try to aim, the cross-hair movement is not smooth at all. The movement has a glitch and most of the time, the aim deviates and is unstable. I am very disappointed that something as basic as aim and controller settings have not been implemented in the game properly. Thanks.

It took some practice to get used to for sure. I’d suggest putting look acceleration all the way to 5, and the sensitivity to 1 higher than your usual sensitivity in other Halo’s. It wouldn’t hurt to expand your dead zones slightly too. I find over-aiming is common on the xb1 because of the stiff thumbsticks.

This is a known issue I think.

refer to here:

Is this something that you are experiencing OP?

Apparently only a small % of users have this.