Gameplay features and Locations I would like to see added

– Branching Tech Trees for weapons and equipment inspired by RTS and RPG games, and maybe kinda like Doom Eternal. Halo Infinite did good with this, but it needs more depth, like:

--- Ability to redirect your shields to the front or rear to boost directional defense
--- Ability to have more dynamic Melee against the Banished, such as ducking under their hits, melee 
    combos like from the Halo 2 E3 2003 trailer, and Assasinations of Hunters like from the comics: Lets make Spartans feel like Spartans
--- Upgradeable vehicles, Face armor to boost headshot defense, and shoulder mounted micro-missiles

– Squad Commands that allow you to control marines, ODST’s and maybe even Spartans. If Socom from 2002 can have player issued VOICE COMMANDS to direct your team, than so can infinite in 2022. Ghost Recon from 2001 had GREAT squad gameplay, and I wouldn’t mind Halo feeling like that

– Larger, more complex and interesting FOB’s with ability to upgrade defenses, defend agains incoming banished attacks and more. The level from Halo 4 defending the crashed Infinity was fun, so I wouldn’ mind being able to defend a crashed Pillar of Autumn type vessel

– Missions where you can board enemy Vessels like from Warframe, Truth and Reconcilliation and Star Wars Battlefront

– Missions that take place in Iconic locations like Harvest, other human colonies and more, with the feel of the environments looking like locations from Halo Wars and Halo Wars concept art. It doesn’t have to be open world, but having nice skyboxes, branching paths and nice skyboxes like Destiny would be awesome

– Missions that combine open world sections with more linear sections. Borderlands does this quite well, and the linearity of Halo CE, Metroid Prime, Ratchet & Clank and Mass Effect is a good reference point

– More M rated Halo. This game doesn’t need to be watered down for the masses. make it bloodier like the graphic novels. Being rated M never hurt sales for Halo, and an M rated GTA has sold blam tons of copies

– Let’s fight an upgraded flood enhanced by the precursors, and I wouldn’t mind a precursor-controlled faction and ability to explore precursor ruins. Let’s see the flood operating out of a satellite galaxy where we have to go on missions to purge flood infected world with the help of a forerunner or maybe a shard of Mendicant Bias

– More stuff from the books. Let’s find out what the precursors told humans that made them kill themselves. Let’s have more stuff with ancient humans. lets see a Flood infested planet, stuff with the mysterious ancient AI Abbadon ( Would be the perfect Villain ), and maybe the Forerunner Capital Maethrillian

That’s it for now, but hopefully we get to see some of this to add more depth and worldbuilding