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So this Forum is made to give you general opinion on overall gameplay. You’re free to talk about weapons, map design, AI, glitches your ran into and etc. I will also post my own opinions on here and want to here what yall think about them. Feel free to disagree with me or even elaborate on my initial points.

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Overall the gameplay is amazing and is certainly heading in the right direction but there are certain things that I have to mention. I’ll divide each critique into its own category so it has some kind of organization. These categories will be Weapons, Video/Hud, Armor Abilities/Equipment, Personal AI and Glitches that I did not know where to put.

  • MA40 AR: This gun is great at close and mid-range like it is supposed to be. I wouldn’t mind though if the damage or the ammo capacity was increased slightly. I say this because a lot of the interactions I have within the two maps are within mid-range and I would appreciate if I didn’t have to get behind cover and reload every time I have an interaction with more than one bot because I am out of ammo after I kill the first one. Overall this gun is great though and I love using it. - Pulse Carbine: I really hope this gun is not a Plasma Rifle replacement/alternative because even though its decent and takes only two shots to kill, it can be terribly inaccurate with moving targets sometimes. Its rate of fire also makes any interaction that is not long range a close call. - BR75:This weapon is perfect! - VK78 Commando: Took me a minute to realize this weapon was automatic, after that it became super useful in every situation. Recoil is a little harder to control that the BR but I’m fine with that because of how versatile it is. - MK50 Sidekick: This is my favorite pistol in all of Halo. The damage, rate of fire and even the design is just great. Needs no change. - Plasma Pistol: Bullet magnetism could be a little better within longer ranges but other than that it is perfect. I’ve done so many noob combos with this. - CQS48:This is the most unique of all the UNSC shotguns in Halo. I love it cause its increased range and rate of fire compensates for the fact it doesn’t one shot all that well. However, I am concerned because I know that when Infection is added if the Infected end up having shields its inability to one shot might be a problem. - Heatwave: Love the concept, I had a lot of fun with this gun but it damage from range needs to be drastically increased - Needler: This gun is perfect honestly but could you make the explosion effect a little bigger? - S7 Sniper: Perfection! - Skewer: I love this weapon, it is a great addition, however I’m hoping its not entirely replacing the Spartan Laser - Ravager: Love this gun, it’s probably my favorite plasma weapon so far. - M41 SPNKR: CHANGE NOTHING ABOUT THIS GUN IT IS PERFECT2.
    2. Video/Hud

  • Hud Setup is pretty great overall however I would like if we could adjust where certain thing are or even the size of them. For example I would prefer if I could shrink my Health Bar a little and allow my weapons to be in the top right corner - This has happened twice for me but when you die scoped in with the sniper the scope stays on your screen until you respawn. - The Red and Blue outline of players can sometimes be too bright and a little distracting3.Armor Abilities/Equipment

  • Grappleshot: Love this as a new addition. Wish you could grapple to more walls and roofs though. It sometimes glitches out of it after a second of swinging though - Shield Wall: The shield needs to be a lot stronger other than that it’s great. - Player Sensor: Couldn’t remember the exact name but I love this addition. It reminds me of Promethean vision from Halo 4 but it’s limited to a range that is sensible. - Active Camo: This ability works very well and I’m glad it doesn’t stop working when you walk at normal speeds. However, this topic is gonna relate to the next thing I want to talk about - Motion Tracker: One big problem I have with the motion tracker is that it does not detect people walking at normal speeds. As someone who plays a lot of classic Halo I am used to not running around all the time in game and it allows me to be more aware of my surroundings. THIS PLAYSTYLE SHOULD NOT GIVE ME AN INHERIT ADVANTAGE OVER PLAYERS. The only time you should not be detected on motion trackers is when you are not moving or crouch walking very slowly. Now let’s go back to Active Camo. Whether or not you can be seen with Active Camo should not correlate with the motion tracker. I am fine with being spotted if I’m sprinting but walking is a completely different story. I’m using an ability that hinders my enemies ability to see me, I should be able to use that without having to tip toe on these big maps. Please if anything is fixed regarding equipment make sure the motion tracker works with walking players and that I can walk using Active Camo without being revealed. Also consider adding an indicator of altitude on the motion tracker too. :slight_smile:4.Personal AI

  • I love the personal AI I would love if they had more things to say honestly - The Ai should tell you that you are low on ammo the second you’re on your last clip - Maybe make the option to have just the AI talk to you and/or just the announcer talk to you. It can be annoying having them both talk sometimes. (Which is why I want the AI to have more things to say) - It would be cool if the AI model could be seen in game in certain situations.5.Glitches

  • If a player leaves before the match starts their dead body just lies on the floor - At the end of games when it shows the Spartans, if someone just died or has Active Camo activated they won’t be seen on that screen - Bots sometimes feel compelled to stare at grenades when you throw them and just let themselves die to themConclusion: Overall I am loving this game so far, I have been playing it non-stop. I want y’all to know that as someone who has been playing Halo since he was a kid and still to this day plays every game I could not be happier to play this game on release. I can tell that y’all really put in the work to evolve the Halo experience whilst at the same time making it as familiar as it was when I was a kid. I hope y’all appreciate my critiques and thank you for choosing me to participate in this flight. I am super excited!