Gameplay Analysis (343 is Listening)

So, to follow up from another forum that posted I actually want to go ahead and note some changes I noticed. Some are significant and others not so much.

Changes I am certain of:

  • Ping during Hit-markers is gone, only associated with kills now.
  • Spartan Chatter Practically Gone (Possibly Completely)

Changes I’m not so certain of:

  • Kill-Cam is Gone.

Upon seeing RUL’s video on 343 listening and the changes they are already making as noticed in their most recent gameplay video. I decided to throw up RUL’s hour long, no commentary, video of Truth Gameplay to match it and do a more in-depth analysis. And sure enough; No Hit-marker ping for one, and significantly less Spartan Chatter (I heard virtually none but I also swear I heard one in the background during a cut).

Another thing I noticed when comparing gameplay was that in RUL’s gameplay vid; When you die, you almost instantly went to a Kill-Cam. However, in the newer gameplay video, I saw a player get killed that we were spectating and it sat on his body for about 2.5 maybe 3 seconds before cutting to a new clip. Now, this is definitely longer than the insta-kill-cam feedback that we saw in earlier footage. Whether it’s gone completely though? I can’t say.

But, this does show that 343 is listening to (constructive) feedback and making adjustments where it’s needed.