Gamemode selection, armour customization, and battlepass xp

While the game feels excellent gameplay wise i have a few glaring issues, mostly with player choice, armour customization, and progression.

I feel we should be able to choose the gametype we play loke in every other halo game. I personally dont like ctf or oddball, so i leave those matches when i get them. Which probably sucks for the people i match. Mcc had an excellent game filter system. Pick the modes you liked and thats all youd play. It also suck so many staple gametypes just vanished, swat and infection among them.

As for my issues with progression the battlepass exp is WAY to slow. Challenges granting xp is fine, but it shouldnt be the only way. Again i look to mcc as an excellent example. Games complete grant exp, medals grant bonus exp. And challenges could be further bonus exp.

As for armour customization its far better than 5 in terms of options and being unique. But acquisition is way to microstransaction filled. I get it, free to play game needs to make money, but locking nearly everything behind the battlepass is way to far. I seem to recall being told armour would be obtained beyond the pass, yet first glace shows nearly nothing. Literally everyone looks identical. Sure that will change for season pass holders, but back when reach launched i had like 5 sets to mix and maych from before i even started playing.

And minor extra detail, armour coatings, cool idea. Dont appreciate being unable to decide my own pallet like, once again, every other halo game. Cmon man no need to take away a feature like that.


Sorry for the text wall everyone lol.

Does anyone know if buying the current battlepass premium will carry over to upcoming battlepasses or should we buy it each time?

All current stuff will carry over I believe

The F2P isn’t a good excuse for the microtransactions, imo. They’re going to definitely make their money back on the campaign alone, if their bad practices in the MP don’t kill the game first.

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