Gamemode ala “Battlefield’s Operations”

Maybe a gamemode ala “Operations” mode in Battlefield?
It’s like the total control mode, but when a team has all the control points, the actual points move closer to the team that loses the control.

  • There is like 3-5 positions in the map for the 3 control zones. - The closer to a enemy base the control zones are, the tougher it gets for the attacking team, and, - if all control zones are controlled, the enemy base get attacked and the team that is attacking has a limited number of lives (like 50-100) - If the defending team manages to drain all the enemy life’s before their base is captured, the control zones get pushed back and they have another chance. - If their base is controlled, is game over.Also respawning near your “4 team squadron “ will be great

Great idea, and spawning with your squadron will be great