Gamebreaking Warzone Assault Glitch

There is a game-breaking glitch taking over Warzone Assault. I have only seen it done on Raid on Apex 7.

The attacking team can capture the Armory during the initial Spire phase through a glitch. This causes the following.

  • Causes defending team to spawn in Base making it impossible to defend Spire - Resets the time - Skips armory phase completelyI haven’t seen much on it and I thought I should bring this to the forum’s attention immediately.


There have already a few posts about this on the support forums and halo 5: guardians forums. One which also includes a video of it occuring, i’m sure slowly 343i is becoming aware of it, but the best thing to do in the future is to also record any game glitches/bugs for further evidence when reporting such errors.

*edit link of video just appeared as i refeshed, well done.